we work across both permanent and contract recruitment, identifying the most exceptional individuals irrespective of the type of role.

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Operating from London, Belfast and New York, we are matching world-class software engineering talent with the most ambitious, forward-thinking companies in the world.
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With over 40 years of combined experience across the team, we are renowned specialists in software engineering recruitment. Our collective industry exposure— including our events and leading podcast series— ensures we can elevate your access to the best talent in the marketplace.

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We run the talent quite list to help address diversity imbalances

The opportunity to showcase your work on our podcast, code bytes

Our award-winning marketing team are on hand to promote your brand

We share an impressive 40 years totally experience between 5 senior recruiters

We invest in our tech, giving us access to  the best sourcing tools

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dedicated to elevating the tech industry

Our team are expertly poised to develop a talent-rich network across multiple professional verticals and ensure no company is disadvantaged by poor access to technological brilliance.

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